Working Agile – not just a trend

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The corporate workplace has gone through different stages over time, providing workers with a variety of space types and encouraging them to move inside – and outside – the office. We encourage people to use a variety of spaces (individual, collaborative, open, and enclosed) instead of a single desk. If the person is at the center, this is an “eccentric” model, as illustrated below.

Designing for agile teams requires a slightly different approach. Space must support the fluid nature of agile work and the team as a key component, as opposed to the traditional linear and individual approach to work and place. For an agile team, proximity is key. The most important area is the team space — that is the home for the tribe, helping foster a sense of identity and cohesion. All support spaces – conference rooms, amenities, and services – should be brought as close as possible to the team to help them switch to a different activity, display and celebrate their progress, or simply relax.

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More industries are embracing and supporting agile teams, recognizing that this way of working has the potential to accelerate innovation and collaboration, with a heightened focus on the customer. While the physical workplace may vary, the future of work is agile, and, it is here to stay.

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