House, Ramat Chen

Location: Ramat Gan
Floor Area: 150

Ramat Chen Apartment
T+R studio worked with their client to create a dwelling with natural light, vivid decor, and optimal space in Ramat Chen, Israel.
This two-floored apartment in Ramat Gan includes a patio, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and an open design kitchen/living space on its first floor. On the second floor, you can find a bedroom, another bathroom, and an outdoor dining area. The complex is flooded with natural light, spaced and vividly decorated.
This penthouse duplex apartment designed by T+R studio. The patio at the center of the open living room at the entrance gives the light and the style to the first floor.
On the second floor, there is a wide master bedroom next to the porch, with an outdoor dining area. There is another bathroom next to the master bedroom.