Location: Petach-Tikva
Floor Area: 450

Rapyd provides a solution that allows businesses and their customers to pay and be paid however they choose. Its fintech-as-a-service platform enables any type of payment for in-country or cross-border commerce. The company’s solution seamlessly integrates local payment methods such as bank transfers, eWallets, or cash into digital applications from a single API.
Rapyd operates one of the world’s largest local payment networks, connecting over 2 billion consumers around the globe. The Rapyd Fintech-as-a-Service platform makes it simple to integrate local fintech and payment capabilities into any application so you can scale globally.
Collaborating with T+R design team, Rapyd were able to design and create their new working environment in Petach-Tikva
It will now house the Global Brand & Design Management department, where brand specialists, designers and engineers work on developing the world of tomorrow.
Along with creative zones, there are recreation rooms, phone booths and the AMBEO room for measurements. The height-adjustable LEO desks, made with solid oak and acoustic panels, create a sense of privacy, forging an affinity to the natural world. The minimalist interior design with its historic past creates an inspiring environment for the international team.