New Model Garden Apartments in New Krinizi

Location: kirat krinizi
Floor Area: 150
Between Kiryat Krinitzi and Kfar Azar, in one of the most sought after locations in Israel’s central region, Azorim and Ashdar have established The New Krinitzi – a neighborhood designed to fulfill the dreams of those who wish to combine tranquility and privacy with family and community life; People who put an emphasis on high quality, technological progress, and new living concepts. All this and more is offered in 5 luxury towers of 23-25 floors, which highlight meticulous planning and feature a luxurious lobby in each building, high construction standards, rich specifications, a sprawling park, and a private clubhouse.
Welcoming, comfortable, and gracious, the New model Garden in The New Krinitzi – with interiors by T+R Studio, immediately puts visitors at ease. The inspiration for the designing is The New Krinitzi – a neighborhood, with it’s landscaped gardens, thriving community life, a sense of security and intimacy. Together with high-quality furniture (most of them from Tollman’s)  gives residents the benefit of a high-quality lifestyle, yet simple, healthy, and clean. Studio T+R designed this Model Garden Apartment for Ashdar and Azorim.