Biosense Webster by T+R studio

עיצוב משרדי ביוטק

T+R Architects created the design concept for Biosense Webster, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical NV/SA recognized worldwide as a leader  in the science behind the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

Thay help patients around the world regain their health, their energy and their lives

Biosense Webster, Inc. ideas and innovations make a difference in the medical community’s approach to diagnosing and treating arrhythmias. They enable physicians to find and help treat more types of disease. they contribute directly to improving procedural methodologies and raising success rates. They are committed to enhancing safety for both patients and physicians as they work to treat Afib
Guided by the needs of electrophysiologists and cardiologists, Biosense Webster, Inc. has pioneered innovative technological advancements for more than 30 years. Some might call this quite a heritage. At Biosense Webster, Inc., they say it is just the beginning

T+R Architects  brought in to provide a more focused and inspired point of view for the offices located at Yokneam, Israel

The goal was to create more sense of welcome, comfort and graciousness in order to put people at ease no matter where in the globe they are from. It was important to use a lot of light from the sky light, which is important to the plants and well as to the people. The concept fits the varied cultures and populations the firm serves through a fusion of worldwide cultural and material references

The design focused on three key areas of influence that are all communal group experiences: the welcome moment, the convening / educational place, and the internal hub-kitchen-gathering-spot intended to get people to linger longer, share, and run into each other. Activity spaces intentionally blurred so one does not feel bound to one’s desk or office. Additional characteristics and sensibilities include casual, tactile, and eclectic; a touch of home, global connection, urban oasis, comfortable and layered. The result is a more familiar and familial atmosphere for a worldwide audience

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